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RealPing Quarterly Subscription

The set-up fee for RealPing service is $49.95 and includes your first month of unlimited service. Your credit card will be billed the set -up fee when you purchase.  At the end of this first month, your credit card will be billed the quarterly fee of $50.97. This quarterly subscription provides you 3 months of service at an effective rate of $16.99 per month.  Note that your credit card will be included in our recurring payment system, your account will be automatically renewed at the end of each quarter, and the quarterly fee will be automatically billed to your credit card.

After Checking Out you will be sent your receipt by email and linked directly to your Control Panel.  In less than 15 minutes you can have your RealPing service operational in your web site and in your email signature file.

Thanks for Subscribing to RealPing

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