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Special Offer ... save $20 on Set Up and $12 on Quarterly Service Fee

Welcome To realPING, a consumer focused communications platform that empowers real-time assistance for your website visitors. When questions arise and prospects are on your site, looking at tours, reading your email or blogs, they need help NOW. Not tomorrow, not by an email, they demand immediacy.

realPING service starts with offering an e- button on all your web-pages,tours,listings, blogs and in your email signature. The consumer on your site enters their phone number where they are NOW, their phone will ring NOW and your desired phone number, perhaps your cell phone, will ring NOW. It's 8 PM. You are not in the office, or maybe in your car. Your cell rings and the caller ID shows "1-111-111-1111" (our unique caller ID). You know that there is someone on your site NOW that needs help. You take the call and handle the inquiry.... but imagine being able to control their screen from your phone! NOW, you can push virtual tours, web pages, anything that you want them to see all by pushing pre-set buttons on your Cell phone!

Special Offer! Internet Crusade is offering you a subscription with a set up fee of $29.95 including your first month's service. Normally there is a $49.95 set up fee. Beginning at the thirty-day point, this account will be billed quarterly at $38.97 -- an effective monthly rate of $12.99 -- saving you $12.00 on the normal quarterly service fee. Your account will be unlimited use with no additional per minute or per call charges. Note that your credit card will be included in our recurring payment system, your account will be automatically renewed on the expiration date each quarter, and the quarterly fee will be billed at the time your account is renewed.  Your checkout will be consent for RealPing LLC to bill your card for these future payments.

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