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How Do I Add realPING to my MATRIX Account - top
Use this video to help in adding realPING to your MATRIX account ...

How Can My Company Use realPING? - top
realPING is an agent centric service. Our mission to is to deliver instant inquiries to an individual agent , or small team from their website visitors. We can offer the system to a broker who wishes to have every page in the company website link callers with the company call center. There are additional costs to take into consideration the calling volume.

Companies who wish to roll out a promotion can have us design a cobranded interface for the agents to use. Every time the realPING button is pushed, branded impressions are delivered. The brokerage will be perceived as a technology leader and the agents will also benefit. The broker can aid in getting the buttons on the agents website and on their listings page.  

We have available a set of code called an Application Programmers Interface (API). By embedding this code in your back end/intranet, agents can get access to all PING features from their current intranet or control panel. Also for large installations the code allows the realPING buttons to be inserted dynamically on the agent's websites. So within seconds of joining realPING, the buttons appear all over the agents website

In addition to the branded interface (see below) we also design custom Click buttons:


Can I Track My Calls? - top
Yes! But so much more can be learned about the caller. After a call completes, we store the call data in your Control Panel. We relay if the call came from your website or your email. We send you by email and text message the details on every call. Next, for calls that originate on a landline, we provide demographics for the neighborhood your caller is in NOW. We also provide mapping. Demographics include income figures, taxes, home values, rental payments and more.

Now the demographics.... on a particular call...

And then realPING maps the caller for you.......

How do I know the call is from my button?  - top
realPING delivers to your phone - (any phone that has Caller ID) a custom caller id of 111-111-1111 letting you know immediately that there a prospect on your web site or reading your email that needs assistance now.   Depending on your cell phone, you can create a custom ring tone, address book entry or image to identify realPING calls.

What is realPING Talk To Me NOW?  - top
When an online visitor or email recipient sees your realPING button and clicks on it, a branded form will pop up and ask them to insert the telephone number they want YOU to call them back at. Once they enter their number, their phone will ring in about 3 seconds. At the same time realPING is calling your desired number and will create a bridge.

 At any time during the call you, the subscriber, can "push" any web page to them and the desired page will show up in a new browser window on THEIR SCREEN. Yes, we said that! You can control their browser from your cell phone or any touch tone device.

That is the WOW factor

Once the call has ended you can leave them with a custom "Thank You" page, a survey or any other tactic to get them to offer you their email address.

Depending on your hours of operation( when you want to be reachable) you can turn the button to transparent so the visitor does not even know you have the service- because the button will not be visible.

I Already Promote My Cell Number..... - top
Yes you can, but you will be like every other competitor you have. With today's clutter, cell phone numbers are everywhere. Real Ping is a system that creates a promise.... "I am going to call you back right now".   And empowers your communications with a unique way to do it. It is all WOW factor

The consumer is amazed at the offer and the follow through. Also realPING can help you deliver more value with Page Push ( control their Browser with your Cell Phone) and Exit Pages ( Thanks, please fill out this form).

Several informal surveys actually show that some web visitors think they are bothering a professional if they call after normal work hours. realPING is for the professional who wants to differentiate their service offerings and cut through the clutter.  A competed realPING call leaves both parties satisfied.

Also your regular cell phone can not deliver all the sophisticated tracking and call data that realPING does. In addition, the caller ID on your phone will show you that the caller clicked your realPING button. That is a live prospect that wants help now!

Some brokerages have lead management systems that deliver inquiries only after someone fills out a long form on your site. That is not URGENCY. Lead routing type systems are management tools. You can't put lead routing systems in your emails, next to your listings etc. realPING is a personal marketing tool.

Remember what NAR said? 78% of consumers looking for a Real Estate Professional will work with the first one that "GETS BACK TO THEM"

How Does realPING Differ From Others? - top
realPING was built from the ground up for professionals in real estate and mortgage industries. We have many years of deploying real estate technology.  Other services charge higher set up fees along with per minute charges. Others charge for customization or for code for other sites. We are flat rate, use it in as many places as possible.

The most defining realPING feature is the PATENTED page Push ability. Page Push is the ability to deliver content right to your caller's desktop with just your cell phone. That's right, it can be 9 PM and as long as you have your cell phone you can "push" tours, listings, applications just about anything and leave your caller in awe!

We also have more applications on the drawing board for the page push feature.

Stay Tuned!

Does realPING work with my Website? - top
realPING works anywhere you have access to add HTML code. If you have any of the template-driven websites such as Advanced Access, Z57, Number 1 Expert, YES! we can help you get it in there.

If you use other sites such as the Delta Net, V-I-C Virtual Tours,, RealLIVING and MLSpulse, your buttons can show up automatically.

Check back often as we are embedding realPING in a growing list of sites and services.

What Are The Extra Costs Involved? - top
Once you become a Subscriber, there are no additional costs from realPING. Other services provide similar sounding benefits but only realPING delivers all the sizzle you need to stay ahead.

Other services just connect the two parties and charge per call and per minute rates. With realPING you never have to worry about extra charges.

OK Wait! You may consider another cell calling plan that allows for  more minutes because with your realPING  number everywhere, you will be getting calls from qualified and engaged callers who need help now. But then again, thats why you got the cell phone.

Where Can I Put My Ping Button? - top
Remember, 78% of consumers looking for help, will deal with the first Pro that gets back to them. Where are they when they have questions?  They are reading your emails, on your website, in your listings, looking at your virtual tours....they are everywhere YOU ARE online.

Your custom realPING button fits easily into your email signature.( not everyone's email system allows signatures) Every email you send can deliver your realPING button which shows the recipient you are concerned about helping them and you consider their inquiry needs urgency.

Web site abandonment is a big problem for any website owner who expends a lot of time and money to create a profitable web experience. But what do most visitors have to resort to? You get it.. they email you at 8 PM with a valid question on a listing they are looking at. Most studies show the average professional will take until the next afternoon to respond( if they do at all), but that's with an email response... do you think last night's web visitor is online all the time? No. They went to another website for help.

Displaying your realPING Button on every page of your website differentiates you from the other million websites. It sends a message: " I act with immediacy".

Depending on you own situation, you should display the button near every listing you have. When the online visitor has a question about THAT LISTING, NOW... they will be amazed that you are there.

If you can display Images in your Virtual Tour, imagine the calls you will get when the visitors are touring your homes and you are a click away!  Hey, How Did You Do That!

We are now working with the largest Virtual Tour companies to include instructions on how to do this. In the meantime-- just ask us!

How Do I Get My Button In My Email Signature - top
First, you must be using an email system that supports HTML formatting and can use signature files that allow HTML code in the signature element.  Several of the more popular ones that work with HTML signatures are Outlook and Eudora. 
In the MY BUTTON DISPLAY CODE section of your CONTROL PANEL you will find a SIGNATURE FILE BUILDER.  Click this link and you will be able to edit a signature file you already have or build a new file from scratch.  Note that in the editor panel the MYBUTTON entry there when you started is the code needed to include your button in your file.  Once you have your file completed to your satisfaction, then save the file to your computer -- generally the desktop of your computer.  Then you can import it into your email program.  There are HELP files in your CONTROL PANEL that will give you procedures for many of the popular email programs.
Many web mail applications do not allow HTML code in their signature files.  However they do offer HTML formatting for the body of the email.  In these cases we recommend you open your signature file that was saved to your desktop, highlight the contents of the file, and then copy (CTRL C) the contents of the file.  Then at the bottom of the body of an email or the answer to an email you can paste (CTRL V) your signature file and it will be operational.


What Is Page Push - top
One of the most unique features in your realPING system is the ability to control your caller's screen with the keypad on your phone. Depending on the nature of the call or how you control the conversation, you may want to send (push) the caller your web site, or your latest virtual tour.  In your control panel you can edit the page to enable:

When I hit 98# on my phone I want a new window to open up on the callers screen that immediately displays a Virtual Tour". You can also design your own page that can include any links you desire:

What Do You Mean- Hours of Service? - top
Through the AVAILABLE HOURS function located in your CONTROL PANEL you can designate two different numbers to use when receiving PING calls, designate you time zone, and add your mobile phone text messaging address. 
You can add two different phone numbers to use when receiving realPING calls.  These are your PRIMARY (use a "1" in the schedule matrix) and SECONDARY (use a "2" in the schedule matrix).  You decide which phone gets the calls and then simply add the 1 or 2 to the schedule matrix.  Note that if you are using the PRIMARY number, calls will not automatically roll over to the SECONDARY number.  If you do not wish to be available for realPING calls, then add a "0" to the schedule matrix. 
You can choose two different button designs to add your realPING service to your web site.  These PRIMARY and SECONDARY buttons (not to be confused with PRIMARY and SECONDARY numbers -- there is no correlation) will only be visible on your web site during the hours that you have declared yourself available for calls (a "1" or "2" in the schedule matrix).  This keeps you from "promising" to be available to respond immediately and not being there.
However if you have added your service to a web location using the hyperlink code or your service that is set up in your email signature, your button will be available for callers to find and use full time.  In this case, if you have declared yourself unavailable in the schedule matrix, the potential caller will see a "leave-a-message" window that they can complete and send you their contact information.  This information will be sent to your email address and also your mobile phone text messaging address.
You can change the hours and numbers at anytime.

What happens after the call is over?  - top

When the conversation is completed, a custom message is displayed to the caller or their browser is redirected to a web page designated by you.  You will be sent an email call notice (and a text message to your cell phone if desired) providing the callerÂ’s number, location, date/time and duration of the call.  Additionally, the call will be logged providing reports that include detailed demographic and map data of the caller's location.

Can I have realPING call more than one Number? - top
Well, yes and no!. Your realPING system can call only one number at a time but in your control panel you can determine what number is called. For example, you can have your button not show up at all from 11:00PM until 8:00AM. From 8:00AM until 1:00PM, the system will call your office phone. From 1:00PM until 7:00PM it can ring your cell phone. From 8:00PM until 11:00PM it can ring your cell again.

You have all the control you need.

Can the service be used in a listing presentation?  - top
Imagine sitting with potential clients showing them why you are different. You will have a tool that three others coming in an hour do not. Demo the ping system right there, in their living room and show them how your phone says RealPING”. Tell them you rely on high tech tools to sell more homes, faster.

Is The Service Only Local? - top

No, anyone in the  and Canada can PING you. And you can subscribe if you are in Canada or the US.

Do people really need this type of urgency?  - top

You expect it when you are on a website and so do your web visitors.

The net has spoiled consumers who demand instant gratification when they have a question. Real Estate is an emotional industry and when they get engaged, you can capture and lock in that emotion NOW. NAR studies show that 78% of consumers looking for a Real Estate Professional will work with the first one that responds to their inquiries.

So This is Free Long Distance Calling? - top
Well, yes. After you subscribe, callers in the US and Canada can talk with you over realPING for no additional cost. If you have realPING bridge the call to your cell phone, then you are responsible for the call minutes as it is a regular call. if you have realPING terminate the call on a land line, there are absolutely no costs for either party as our Internet switch is calling both parties and bridging the call in seconds.

Have your grandchildren or for that matter anyone go to your site and make the free connection!


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