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What is realPING?
Technology has made it possible to do business on auto-pilot. Many companies are creating turn-key online solutions that make it easier-and cheaper-for them to do business, and the numbers increase daily. There's one thing technology cannot do, however. It cannot create a personal connection with your potential customers…until NOW.

People love technology, but crave connection.
All anyone has to do is look at the soaring sales of 3G, 4G and wi-fi enabled phones and gadgets, along with the unprecedented numbers of social media users to see that this is true. The need for connection has created an ever-widening gap between customers and businesses that are utilizing new technology. Even in the information age, there's no substitute for a phone call, handshake or a face to face meeting-especially when you're considering a big ticket expenditure and need to find the perfect attorney, realtor, mortgage broker contractor, etc.

realPING bridges the NEW communication gap.
realPING was created to bridge the gap between technology and the need to personally connect with the person you're considering doing business with. Utilizing commonly used communication technology interwoven with our own savvy programming, realPING enables potential customers to connect with you via phone or text instantly by clicking a button on your website or email. We refer to this as making your online presence actionable, a marketing method previously utilized only by large corporations and Fortune 100 companies-but now made accessible by realPING-for only a few cents a day, and with no call charges.

Instant gratification: The realPING edge
A recent survey indicated that 78% of people will secure the services of the FIRST person that responds to them and answers their questions. However, with no 'real time' technology in place, most potential customers will only receive an auto-response or email reply up to 24 hours after their inquiry, if at all.

realPING puts an end to this delayed communication breakdown. In addition to an instant connection with you, your customer's online activity is uninterrupted-so they can continue looking over your website or email while you are connected with them. And, with our own patented Push Page Technology, you can even send them a specific page, website or virtual tour by entering a simple touch-tone code-WHILE you are connected.

Not a one-size-fits-all proposition
We realize that not everyone is-or wants to be-available 24/7. That's why we created realPING with an easy to use scheduling and customizing interface. It only takes a couple of minutes to set up realPING to only be active and visible whenever and wherever you want it.

A complete, integrated system
As a realPing subscriber you have the full benefit of our complete solutions package, including click-to-talk, click-to-text, QR codes, Call Tracking, and Reach Out! scripts, all completely integrated into one easy to use system. You can use only one service, a combination of services, or all of realPING's features easily, with no additional cost, and NO CALLING CHARGES.


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