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The early bird closes the deal.

Studies have shown that the majority of customers seeking a professional for big-ticket services will sign on with the FIRST one that responds to them and addresses their questions or concerns. Simply put, realPING uses cutting edge technology to facilitate a good, old-fashioned meet and greet-and makes it happen before any of your competitors have even reviewed their email inbox.

realPING is YOU…and you're the real deal.

realPING is NOT a lead generation or lead management system. Rather, it is lead ENGAGEMENT... allowing your prospective customers to interact with YOU-live, in real-time, as soon as they click the button or scan the QR code on your website or email. Even the most refined auto-responders and leads follow up tools cannot take the place of a live, person-to-person connection.

realPING is a POWERHOUSE business building tool.

Unlike other VoIP (voice over internet protocol) programs, realPING is NOT a calling plan with all sorts of hidden monthly fees (even though you CAN have friends and family use realPING to call you for free). Instead, realPING is structured as a full suite of services to help you build your business by turning website visitors or email respondents into paying customers.

Loaded with features. Loaded with benefits.

For one low monthly fee, realPING subscribers can employ Click to Talk, Click to Text, QR Codes, Call Tracking (with geographic mapping and demographic information) and Reach Out! Scripts. You can assign any or all of the features in any combination you like-all quickly and easily customizable with our simple user-interface. The possibilities are limitless.

You don't have to be a 'techie' to use realPING.

We've done the hard work so you don't have to. realPING is quick and easy to install, and even easier to use. If you can use a cell phone or smart phone you can be up and running with realPING in no time.

We've been there and done that.

realPING utilizes the newest, state -of-the-art technology. However, that does not mean we are new to the game. Founded by a group of ex-military computer and communications technicians, realPING was successfully serving clients in the real estate and mortgage business for years, before broadening our offering to a wide range of businesses. We know how to do it right. There's nothing else that comes close.Sure, there are other companies out there offering similar services. Some are expensive, some require a brain surgeon to install, and some force you to conform to very rigid usage requirements. realPING is the only one that offers a complete suite of services-including the ability to push specific web pages to your customer WHILE they are on a call with you-that are easy to set up and easy to customize, all for one low monthly fee.

The real question is not 'Why realPING?' The real question is 'Why not?!' If you are serious about creating cash from leads and building your business-and it would be a boost for you to make a personal, instant connection with your prospective customers - realPING is for YOU.


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