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The realPING service is a subscription-based offering. By subscribing you are entitled to using the e-button in your email and on any websites you control. The e-button will allow your website visitors and email readers to immediately contact you. Please contact us for a company-wide solution sing the realPING API
You can set up the hours during which your e-button displays. You can also have a second number that the service will connect with. For example, during the hours of 9am to 7pm you have calls going to your cell phone. From 7pm until 10pm, you can have the calls go to your home office number. If you are on a call, your caller id will show  111-111-1111 so you will know you are getting pinged!
If you are looking to embed realPING into your service offering- consider our Strategic Partnership Program

$49.95 Set Up Fee

The Set Up Fee will be charged to your credit card when you check out for your purchase.  This fees includes your first month's Service Fee and all required support.  At the end of the first 30 days your credit card will be billed for the Regular Service Fees based on the payment plan that you select.   
When ordering the service you must choose an ongoing service plan. You will not be charged for this plan until your first month expires. And you can cancel the service at anytime.
$50.97 for 3 Months Service
Flat Rate
No per Minute Charges
No per Call Charges

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$84.95 for 6 Months Service
Flat Rate
No Per Minute Charges
No per Call Charges
Pay for 5 Months, Get 6 Months Service

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 for RealPing LLC sales.

  • Your realPING exclusive code ( an html script) that you insert in any web page in seconds. We deliver ( host) your e-button
  • Your Email Signature code. A different set of code that allows you to display your realPING button in your email signature (where applicable)
  • An Admin Control Panel that holds all your 'tools' . <See Image>
  • Page Push Designer: Design a page right in your system that will display on your callers screen all by hitting some keys on Your Phone!
  •  Exit Page Builder: When the call is completed leave your amazed callers with a special Thank You, or provide any special report compelling them to opt up their email address we then send you


  • Reports Area. Get intelligence on your callers and database all activity derived from your button. Add contacts right to your online database or export  the data to other contact managers.  


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